MICORE - Morphological Impacts and COastal Risks induced by Extreme storm events
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local warning systems

The overall aims of the project were to set-up and demonstrate an online Early Warning System (EWS) for the reliable prediction of morphological impacts due to marine storm events in support of civil protection mitigation strategies.

The project focused on nine case-study sites (corresponding to the nine European countries involved). At all sites a number of individual work phases were conducted in order to reach the end goal of setting up a prototype EWS for coastal storm risk.

These phases included:

  • 01 a review of historical coastal storm events;
  • 02 field monitoring of storm impacts that occurred throughout the project;
  • 03 validating and testing a new as well as existing coastal storm models using the field data results;
  • 04 the development of a prototype EWS;
  • 05 linking early warnings to civil protection protocols.

The use of these nine unique and morphologically diverse sites made the approach developed as generic as possible and demonstrated the robustness of the methodology.

Click on the pictures below to visit the relative local Warning System.

Open the Lido di Dante Warning System Site Open the Praia de Faro Warning System Site Open the La Victoria Camposoto Warning System Site Open the Lido of Sete Warning System Site Open the Dee Estuary Warning System Site Open the Egmond Beach Warning System Site Open the Mariakerke Beach Warning System Site Open the Dziwrlow Spit Warning System Site Open the Kamchia Beach Warning System Site area

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