MICORE - Morphological Impacts and COastal Risks induced by Extreme storm events
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public deliverables

Del. no. Name WPs no. Lead beneficiary Comments
D 6.1 Regularly updated project WEB Site WP6 SGSS This WEB Site
D 1.4 Review of climate change impacts on storm occurrence WP1 UniFe PDF 4.5 Mb
D 5.3 Early warning protocol WP5 IMDC Section of this WEB Site
D 6.4 Exploitation workshops WP6 SGSS Section of this WEB Site
D 6.5 Report on public awareness and wider society implications of the usage of SII WP6 UniFe PDF 1 Mb
D 6.6 Demonstration DVD WP6 UniFe Link to Blip.tv
D 6.7 Journal Special Issue WP6 UniFe PDF 100 Kb
D 6.8 Final workshop in Italy WP6 SGSS PDF 236 Kb
D 6.9 Final multi language report on new Civil Protection schemes and early warning protocols using new open-source model WP6 UniFe Section of this WEB Site
D 6.10 Final dissemination and use plan WP6 UniFe PDF 2.0 Mb
D 2.6 CDs of calibrated data in an accessible form WP2 TUD Compressed CD content file (290 Kb)

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Grant agreement no.: 202798 Start date: June 2008 Duration: 40 months Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Ciavola, University of Ferrara
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