MICORE - Morphological Impacts and COastal Risks induced by Extreme storm events
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project results

The work of MICORE has made significant innovations in the area of coastal storm risk management and coastal civil protection schemes. The development of nine fully-operational Early Warning Systems for coastal storm risk show that such an on-line tool based on realtime data acquisition and using a range of state-of-theart hydrodynamic and morphological models is feasible for vulnerable areas across Europe. These prototype EWSs lay the foundation for a greater roll-out across Europe, by adopting the following principles:

  • Using a generic structure adaptable to a range of different coastal environments;
  • Using free and open-source software without the need for commercial licenses;
  • Catering the functionality of the EWS to the needs of end-users.

It is therefore recommended that resources be placed into the development of larger-scale Early Warning System schemes for coastal storm risk, at regional and national levels as well as European wide. These schemes could be merged with existing schemes, such as those already in existence for tsunamis and terrestrial flooding. Furthermore, continued monitoring of future coastal storms using accurate and rapidly-deployable survey methods is crucial to gaining additional understanding as to the changing nature of storm systems across Europe and for further EWS testing.

Trough this section you can access to the Early Warning Systems developed by each partner, to the Geographical Metadata Software (the search engine of the data produced by each partner), the list of public deliverables of the project (documents, video, etc...) and finally the 8 Multilingual Reports describing the project results.


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