MICORE - Morphological Impacts and COastal Risks induced by Extreme storm events
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  Meeting on ‘MICORE end-users report: Potentially damaging offshore storm conditions along the Sefton Coast.’


  • Present long-term model hindcast data sets available to end-users.
  • Present findings on storm conditions likely to impact the local coast.
  • Update the stake holders with current research findings and publications.
  • Determine how an early warning system would be of use to SMBC.


Dates: 27 May 2011

Location: Liverpool (NOC), UK

Participants: Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council; Environment Agency members from the flood forecasting, coastal planning and coastal defence teams; National Oceanography Centre researchers (formerly POL).

Deliverables: End-user presentation, End-user Micore report


  Meeting to identify deliverables for project end-users

LogoMeeting called by end-users to enable them to be updated with data availability from the project and identify outputs that will be of use to them in future management planning and projects.


Dates: 3rd June 2010

Location: Ormskirk (Edge Hill University), UK

Participants: Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, National Oceanography Centre researchers (formerly POL), Liverpool University researchers and Edge Hill researchers.

Deliverables: Modelling presentation


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