MICORE - Morphological Impacts and COastal Risks induced by Extreme storm events
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Meetings and training sessions for end–users


  Workshop Storms Early Warning System.


Dates: 27 June 2011

Participants: More than 40 people from of the Regional Water Board, Regional Government, Civil Protection Agency, University, Municipalities, Consulting companies, Research Centres.

Main topics: The Micore project; innovation on monitoring schemes; modelling erosion as result of the impact of extreme storm events; storm impact indicators; risk maps and development of early warning system associated to extreme storm events.

Deliverables: Programme, Micore brochure, CD with the presentations and an early arning system demonstration video.

Organization: CIMA, Universidade do Algarve

Place: Faro, Portugal

Video: EWS Site Demonstration (blip.tv)

Attachments: Programme; EWS_Micore_Introducao; EWS_Micore_Discussao; EWS_Micore_IITs; EWS_Micore_InovSistMonitorizacao; EWS_Micore_ModelErosAssoTempMaritimas; EWS_Micore_SistAlertaTempestades; EWS_Micore_MapaRisco.pdf





  Determination of thresholds for storm impacts.


Dates: 21 September 2010

Participants: Circa 100 people from Spanish research institutes and universities.

Organization: CIMA, Universidade do Algarve

Place: Solsona, Spain

Attachments: Paper


  1st Intensive course on risk analysis on coastal systems; evaluating risk on sandy shorelines.


Dates: 5 April 2011

Participants: Circa 50 people from Portuguese speaking countries from National and Regional Coastal Management Agencies, Water Boards, Universities, Consulting companies, and Research Centres.

Main topics: Have been demonstrated the excellent results obtained with the Lidar technique for monitoring the impact of storms and was shown the new monitoring network based on profiles measured with GPS technology.

Organization: CIMA, Universidade do Algarve

Place: Boavista, Cape Verde


  Development of Early Warning Systems to Storm Events and Mitigation Actions


Dates: 12 August 2011

Participants: 30 people from research centres, students, general public.

Organization: CIMA, Universidade do Algarve

Place: Santander, Spain


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Grant agreement no.: 202798 Start date: June 2008 Duration: 40 months Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Ciavola, University of Ferrara
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